We CAN GO COMPANY LTD. manufacture the interfolders facial tissues machines, customer said, our machines is A Real Machine, better than the Germany, we are easy and simple to
take care, while the Germany pure block needs good cares, it means to pay a lots of money to buy spare parts, these parts one year are a lots, can buy a machine,the Germany machines sky high prices, too expensive, make the same products, even no better, or poorer, as the tissue flies up, they do inline slitting, reach pre-set batch
count shall pull down to hold the tissue, transfer to fall down onto belt conveyor to 90 degree to flow out, and 90 degree to flow to auto cartoner, or plastic film auto wrapper, these flow conveyors as barrier to the engineers.
We develop a tissue log compressor machine, first in single lane, later on revised to dual (2) lanes working, each lane works independently, each has a double ends splash function for auto arraying ( like our two (2) hands to smoothen ( push ) by steel plate , the tissue log, ( to re-arrange the tissue log ), that is to say, the wastes tissue is less down to minimum,the compressor machine is to break the strength of tissue, the tissue log after being compressed, is like a brick log, neat, nice, clean in good folded shapes, what's more important, it saves a lots, lessen down the waste tissue, saving paper box cost, carton box cost, delivery truck cost,especially, a lots of tissue converters supply embossed tissue, the tissue swells up due to a lots of air inside, loosened structiure become bulky, the tissue paper pile into the box it is compressed, a 100 pulls/sheets box, can contain 200 sheets/pulls.

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